How to Live on Board

>How to Live on Board

Yacht Stewardess Gadgets | Health & Happiness

2017-06-17T15:52:17-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|

There are few things that stewardesses on a private yacht don’t have access too while working. It’s a tough job to hold down the interior, mother the crew and keep a positive attitude – we know. However, while you’re busy stain treating, whipping up cocktails for happy hour and setting the table we want to [...]

Dealing with Cabin Fever on Board a Yacht

2017-04-27T22:37:13-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|

We’ve all been through it, and yet we’re still convinced that cabin fever on-board a yacht is next level when compared to being stuck in an actual cabin during a Northern winter. Whether it’s due to a long charter season, or due to not moving much at all and you’re getting antsy, its something that [...]

6 Tasty Teatime & Healthy Snacks For Yacht Crew

2017-01-04T21:09:24-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|

The infamous teatime break – it’s pretty much the best time of the day, I mean, besides quitting time. The time you get to look forward too after breakfast, and the halfway point between lunch. A time of gathering and joking, chatting with the crew you don’t get to work closely with and the much [...]

Dealing with Difficult Crew: Do’s and Don’ts

2016-11-28T15:49:42-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|Tags: , |

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Yachting is a great gig – the traveling, the people, the places, the luxury and glitz and glam, it really has it all. Amongst all these things, there are some unique encounters you will come across that aren’t your typical Tuesday as far as a 9-5 [...]

Working on a Yacht as a Couple

2016-11-28T15:49:43-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|Tags: , , , |

Ah yes, this is just another way to show just how different working in the yachting industry is from working on land. Not only are you allowed to work as a couple in the yachting industry, you can also apply for jobs as such – crazy! In fact, some boats prefer to have couples onboard [...]

How to Survive Living on the Open Sea

2015-12-31T17:26:49-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|Tags: , , , |

It’s a scary subject and one that no one at Professional Yachtmaster Training wishes upon anyone, but that being said, it is a topic that everyone in the yachting industry should have a clear idea about for not only your own safety, but for your crews as well. There is a good reason Personal Survival [...]

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