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>Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew Training Course Prices
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Professional Yachtmaster Training is the only accredited IYT Megayacht training provider in Florida. IYT Worldwide Master of Yachts 200gt certificates are MCA recognized and essential for working on board a yacht. Since its founding in Durban, South Africa, in the year 2000, PYT has established an enviable reputation and we are delighted to now be able to bring our special approach to the US and offer selected courses in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida.

Course Prices

PYTUSA Package Discounts

Course PackagesDaysPriceSavings
STCW 10 + Rib Master8$1,690 $190
STCW 10 + Superyacht Hospitality& interiors (includes Rib Master)11$1,965 $725
STCW 10 + MCA Yacht Rating Certificate (includes Rib Master)11$2,199 $645
STCW 10 + MCA Yacht Rating Certificate (includes Rib Master) + PWC12$2,404 $650
Course PackagesDaysPriceSavings
MOY 200 Limited Power + STCW 1016$4,045 $450
MOY 200 Limited Sail + STCW 1016$4,295 $450
MOY 200 Limited Power + EDH15$3,780 $450
MOY 200 Limited Sail + EDH15$3,995 $450
MOY 200 Unlimited + Limited16$4,550 $720
MOY 200 Unlimited + Limited + STCW 1022$5,245 $1,170
MOY 200 Unlimited + Limited + EDH22$5,195 $800
Course PackagesDaysPriceSavings
MCA GSK+ Navigation and Radar20$4,095 $450
MCA GSK+ Navigation and Radar + EDH25$4,900 $600
EDH + GSK + Navigation and Radar + PSCRB + HELM operation + ECDIS + GMDSS46$8,450 $1,495
Course PackagesDaysPriceSavings
MCA Advanced Fire + Proficiency in Medical First Aid + HELM management + MOY 200 Unlimited (Ocean)19$3,999 $465
Course PackagesDaysPriceSavings
MCA Business and Law + Stability + Seamanship & Meteorology15$3,310 $590
+ All package prices with STCW 10 include Security Awareness with Designated Duties.
++ Prices are subject to change without notice. Sail practical are not available every month and are an additional $250. Please refer to our terms & conditions and booking & payment policy for more details.