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Apps For Yachties – Every Yacht Crew Member Should Use

2016-11-28T15:49:44-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|Tags: , |

Whether we like it or not, the Internet, smart phones and social media are impeding on the way we travel. You can argue up and down whether or not you like it, and while you can certainly travel without it (we’ve done so for several decades without fail) there’s no arguing one truth; it’s making [...]

How to Survive Living on the Open Sea

2015-12-31T17:26:49-04:00By |Categories: How to Live on Board|Tags: , , , |

It’s a scary subject and one that no one at Professional Yachtmaster Training wishes upon anyone, but that being said, it is a topic that everyone in the yachting industry should have a clear idea about for not only your own safety, but for your crews as well. There is a good reason Personal Survival [...]

Working on a Yacht in the United States

2019-07-30T18:05:31-04:00By |Categories: Working on a Yacht|Tags: , , |

You’ve decided on yachting, and now you’re deciding on where you want to start when it comes to traveling and working on a yacht. Yachts are constantly traveling and going from one side of the world to another, and it may be hard to get a grasp on working in a new industry, as well [...]

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