Working on a Yacht

Helpful hints, suggestions and how-to’s on the topics of working aboard a large yacht as a hired crew member.

Are you in the early beginnings of your career working on yachts? Are you transitioning from the traditional hospitality industry or from more modest boats or a different category of boating such as fishing charter boats or the cruise ship industry? Read on.

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OOW Yachting Courses and Certificates Summary

2019-02-11T22:24:09-05:00Categories: Working on a Yacht|

We thought it might be a little helpful to create an article summarizing the OOW (Officer of the Watch) courses. The MCA Officer of the Watch Certificate consists of seven different modules, these are required to be completed for the MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts Less Than 3000 GT) Certificate of Competency and are [...]

Yacht Crew Training Videos On-Line

2018-07-12T19:40:23-04:00Categories: Working on a Yacht|

Watch Latest Videos Here are some short videos to help understand some of the basics and give you an understanding of the courses offered by PYT USA. Nautical Knot Tying Videos We give some basic video demonstrations with step-by-step descriptive instructions on some of the important knots and line handling techniques yacht crew will come [...]

Searching for Work on Yachts – Finding Crew Jobs

2016-11-28T15:49:37-05:00Categories: Working on a Yacht|

There's no arguing; the yachting industry has changed. And while you may be asking yourself 'How', the answer truly depends on what aspect of the industry you are speaking of. In this instance, we are talking about the way crew members search for work on yachts. These methods are sure to land you a yacht [...]

Top Yachting Destinations for Summer

2020-11-29T10:51:05-05:00Categories: Working on a Yacht|

As yacht crew, we are undeniably hard workers and respect the industry when it comes to putting your head down and just getting through a charter week. But when it comes down to it, we really are just adventurers are heart. We love exploring new destinations and you love that amazing rush you get when [...]

Yacht Crew Jobs in the Caribbean

2020-11-29T10:50:14-05:00Categories: Working on a Yacht|

Getting crew jobs in the Caribbean pretty much secures you a winter in the sand and the sun. And what more could you possible want than a season spend island hoping around the Caribbean? There’s beauty, there’s crystal clear blue water, all your nearest and dearest friends are just around the marina, the sun is [...]