Its no secret, super yachts have toys, and lots of them. While there are several different types of toys, it is almost guaranteed that all yachts will be equipped with jet skis, wave runners, or as they are commonly encompassed as; personal watercraft. For several years, deck hands, first mates, bosons, and anyone on the yacht whether it be crew or guests, have operated these toys safely around the world with little instructions given. However, with new laws and regulations in place, especially surfacing around the Mediterranean and soon to be several other locations the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has created clear and exact standards for the operation of personal watercraft. With trial courses already come and gone, we are now proud to offer personal watercraft instruction and certification at Professional Yachtmaster Training.

Here’s a little bit more information about the newest yachting course.

Why was PWC Instructors Developed?

As the watersports industry grows, especially in relation to the personal watercraft sector, several captains and managers are very concerned for their safety and the legal consequences of an accident, as it is expected – safety first! As this progressed, the maritime administrations in the Mediterranean have since required all jet ski operators to have a certificate. As a continued result, due to several different regulations around the globe where yachts can be seen, the official governing bodies for recreational boating in the UK and the RYA have created a clear and exact standard for this, much like several other maritime and yachting certificates.

What does this mean for basic PWC Operation? Jet Ski? Water Jets?

It means in blatant terms that, anyone and everyone onboard a yacht wanting to operate and handle a PWC (driving and or operating the cranes) must have a certificate in order to do so. This goes for all guests on board also.

How is this made achievable?
As the maritime administrations know, you can’t expect a guest planning to come on board a yacht for a weeks vacation attend a course for driving a jet ski, even though it is mandatory. This is why the PWC Instructor course was created, as after a one-day course the crewmember who holds this certificate can then train and certify any one who needs it.

PWC Course Outline

This is a one-day theory and practical course designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a personal watercraft. As well as the theory component, the instruction will emphasize the practical applications of handling a PWC on the water. Candidates should be 16 years of age or over. Please note however, if there are local laws in place in specific area of operation of a PWC, those laws will of course supercede IYT’s minimum age requirement.

This course is a full day of hands on learning and covers a number of things, including: the concept of jet driven propulsion engines, safe handling and fueling, safety equipment and spare tools to be carried, basic maintenance and safety checks, basic PWC operations and handling, understanding the importance of weather and its effect on safe operations, launch, recovery and stowage of a PWC and general water safety while in operation.

Prerequisites for PWC Instructor Course

Minimum 2 years riding personal watercraft, a valid first aid certificate, one day RYA PCW license.

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