It’s no secret that Professional Yachtmaster Training is known as being the “favorite among crew” in the yachting community when it comes to obtaining your yachting certificates. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we have expanded our ways of helping you obtain a yachting career – with the addition of Yes, that now means that along with successfully completing your schooling you can potentially obtain a job through the same place! However, with so many options for crew recruitment sites out there, why would you choose Professional Yachtmaster Crew? Here’s why!

Crew Benefits

Besides gaining access to endless career opportunities in the yachting industry, we help you stay current and, most importantly, safe. Be notified of industry regulation changes and training requirements as well as events. Build a tried and true yachting CV with our downloadable templates – that way, you’ll always have a professional resume at the ready. Most importantly, just as we want our yachts to feel confident in their choice of potential employers, we want you to feel confident too. That’s why we are choosy about who gains access to our data base, as only PYT approved vessels and management companies who are trusted will be onboard.

Yachting Benefits

Okay, maybe this isn’t something you care about initially, but we think it’s worth mentioning as it still benefits why you should let us help you find a job.

Professional Yacht Crew - When yachts seek employment through Professional Yachtmaster Training (to find good-working crew like yourself) they also want some incentive to ensure they are getting quality employees. Seeing as you’ve gone to school with us, we are able to vouch for not only how your certificates were obtained, but how you are as a person – skills that may not initially jump out to potential yachts on your CV / Resume. Speaking to your true character to a captain we know personally can be a huge advantage for your resume making it to the top of the pile. We also provide Professional Yachtmaster Training credits that can then be applied to that yachts crew, which means more certificates to help further yours or your crew’s career – a bonus for hiring through us.

Supporting a Family-Run Business

We were crew once ourselves, too!

We know what it’s like to be out there searching for a job and coming up empty handed. These days, with all the competition, it’s all about who you know – and we know a lot of people. Professional Yachtmaster Training (PYTUSA) is a trusted name in the yachting industry, and we aren’t just some corporation who is thinking of you as just another pay cheque. Don’t believe us? Ask our former students. We make long-lasting friendships with our students (mostly because of our small class-sizes, but also because we’re cool people!)

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