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Nautical Summer Cocktails

2016-11-28T15:49:39-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|

Another summer season on the water can only mean one thing; dock days, long lunches and cocktails. Well, at least between the busy charter weeks it is. While we love the idea of fluffing pillows, dusting profusely, washing down the hull and navigating through the beautiful Mediterranean seas, it’s nice to also slow things down [...]

Yacht Crew Jobs in the Caribbean

2016-03-25T19:36:17-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|

Getting crew jobs in the Caribbean pretty much secures you a winter in the sand and the sun. And what more could you possible want than a season spend island hoping around the Caribbean? There’s beauty, there’s crystal clear blue water, all your nearest and dearest friends are just around the marina, the sun is [...]

Christmas Gifts – Ideas for Yachties

2019-07-30T18:58:01-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|

Celebrating Christmas with your yacht family is only as good as you make it – so it’s up to you (and the rest of your crew) to bring you’re a-game this holiday season! Besides learning a lot about Christmas traditions from all around the world, who doesn’t love teasing the Canadian about missing snow, or [...]

Apps For Yachties – Every Yacht Crew Member Should Use

2016-11-28T15:49:44-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|Tags: , |

Whether we like it or not, the Internet, smart phones and social media are impeding on the way we travel. You can argue up and down whether or not you like it, and while you can certainly travel without it (we’ve done so for several decades without fail) there’s no arguing one truth; it’s making [...]

Yachting Destinations – 7 of the Top in the World

2019-07-30T18:13:36-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Around the World|

If you’re looking into becoming a yacht crew member, you already know the perks. You’ll be traveling the world on the open ocean and get paid to do it. The list of beautiful yachting destinations is endless, but in no particular order here are just 7 of the best yachting destinations in the world that [...]

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