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Yachting with Kids: Child Boating Safety – Keeping it Fun!

2016-11-28T15:49:38+00:00By |Categories: Yacht Safety|

As yacht crew, we are always aware of potential safety issues when new guests come onboard – this is exactly why we go over a debriefing with them as soon as they arrive. While we are lucky to have several guests who understand the dangers involved, kids and young adults who are brand new to [...]

STCW Retraining Courses |  STCW 10 Replaces STCW95

2017-02-08T23:08:59+00:00By |Categories: Yacht Safety|

Some of you may have noticed some new courses popping up around the yachting industry. You may have also heard that there is new changes coming into place which will be in affect in less than a year. Both are correct, and here’s what you need to know. The STCW 95 is gone.  In it's [...]

What is STCW and What Does it Have to Do With Yachts?

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The question is often asked; "What is STCW? And, What is STCW Basic Safety Training?" These are a very good questions, and ones that all yachties who have taken their required STCW course, which is anyone who wants to be eligible to work on a yacht, can tell you. The Standards of Training, Certification and [...]

Megayacht Safety Drills 101

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It’s drill time. Looking forward to a drill onboard is just as exciting as watching paint dry, unless you are the first mate of course. For most stewardesses, it’s an excuse to get outside for a change. For deckhands, it means a whole lot of unloading and reloading gear. In the same sense, being prepared [...]