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Yachting with Kids: Child Boating Safety – Keeping it Fun!

2016-11-28T15:49:38-04:00By |Categories: Yacht Safety|

As yacht crew, we are always aware of potential safety issues when new guests come onboard – this is exactly why we go over a debriefing with them as soon as they arrive. While we are lucky to have several guests who understand the dangers involved, kids and young adults who are brand new to [...]

What is STCW and What Does it Have to Do With Yachts?

2016-11-28T15:49:47-04:00By |Categories: Yacht Safety, Yachting Industry|Tags: , |

The question is often asked; "What is STCW? And, What is STCW Basic Safety Training?" These are a very good questions, and ones that all yachties who have taken their required STCW course, which is anyone who wants to be eligible to work on a yacht, can tell you. The Standards of Training, Certification and [...]

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