PYT Fort Lauderdale Provides Classroom and Hands-On Training You Need to Get Your Ticket and Work on a Yacht

Classes are taught by knowledgeable professionals who have worked on yachts. Class sizes are generally small in-order to provide hands-on training and personal guidance. A student will benefit from this level of personal training in the class and during hands-on boating sessions.

A Brief Overview of Yacht Training Courses – Get Your Ticket & Move Ahead

MCA Master of Yachts | Certificates of Competency

These Certificates of Competency (CoC’s) are required in order to command a vessels up to 500 gross tons or 3000 gross tons respectively. Although the entry requirements for the two qualifications differ, they both require pass certificates for the same MCA (Yacht) course modules. Learn More

MCA Chief Mate (Yachts less than 3000gt)

The Chief Mate (Yachts less than 3000gt) Certificate of Competency is an endorsement of the Officer of the Watch (Yachts less then 3000gt) Certificate of Competency. Once you hold the Officer of the Watch ( Yachts less than 3000gt ), you can then apply to the MCA for the endorsement for the Chief Mate (Yachts less than 3000gt) Certificate of Competency. The certificate can be applied for at the same time as the Officer of the Watch (Yachts less than 3000gt). Learn More

MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts less than 3000gt)

MCA Officer of the Watch training consists of seven different modules that are required to be completed before attending and MCA oral exam to obtain the Officer of the Watch (Yachts less than 3000gt) Certificate of Competency. Learn More

MCA Advanced Firefighting

The MCA Advanced Fire Fighting course is designed to provide mariners with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a realistic shipboard fire prevention program. Learn More

MCA Advanced Firefighting Refresher/ Revalidation

This MCA course meets all the requirements for revalidating a MCA Advanced Firefighting certificate. The course is limited to those personnel who already have the advanced firefighting certification as well as maintained 1 year of sea time within the last 5 years. Learn More

IYT Master of Yachts

The IYT Master of Yachts 200t certificates are MCA compliant and widely accepted for the commercial operation of both power and sailing commercial yachts up to 200 gross tons. The qualifications are recognized by marine insurance companies worldwide as well as being accepted by all major yacht charter and management companies. Learn More

IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 tons

This certificate allows the holder to legally stand a watch on a yacht up to 200t. (see MCA Structure) Learn More

IYT Master of Yachts 200 tons Limited

This Certificate of Competency allows the holder to be in charge of a yacht up to 200 gross tons within 150 nautical miles of safe haven and/or to legally stand a watch on a yacht up to 500gt. It is also one of the requirements for entry to the MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts) program (see MCA structure) and is the first step on the professional yachting promotion ladder. Learn More

IYT Master of Yachts 200 tons Unlimited

This Certificate of Competency allows the holder to be in charge of a commercial yacht up to 200 gross tons on unlimited voyages and is one of the requirements for the MCA Chief Mate (Yachts) qualification. (see MCA structure) The certificate is a qualification that indicates that the holder has sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation to navigate globally using a sextant and to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved with regard to routing and weather/climate. Learn More

Professional SuperYacht Hospitality & Interiors Introduction

PYT SuperYacht Hospitality & Interiors Introduction Learn More

IYT Small Powerboat RIB Master (MCA Approved)

This course covers vessels up to 15m (45′) with no accommodation driven by outboard or inboard motors in fair weather up to 20 miles from a safe haven. Learn More

MCA Yacht Rating (MCA Approved)

The five-day MCA Yacht Rating course is an MCA approved course and is highly recommended for entry level students who wish to enter the Super-yacht industry. It comprises both theory and practical elements that give the student a comprehensive and all-round general knowledge of the requirements of the industry. It incorporates three separate MCA approved courses: Mega Yacht Crew – VHF Radio Operators – Small Power Boat and Rib Master Learn More

STCW 10 Course Curriculum

Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers STCW defines the training necessary for all persons employed at sea. Starting out requires the satisfactory completion of safety and security courses which is a compulsory requirement for all aspiring crew members to complete. You must be able to assist members of your team if and when the time arises. Learn More

STCW 10 Refresher / Revalidation Course

On completion of this 2 day course, students will satisfy the requirement of every five years to provide evidence of having maintained the required competence in Basic Training. Entry requirements are, that you have previously been issued with a STCW certificate (STCW 95). This course is a requirement of the amended STCW 2010. This 2day refresher course meets the requirements set out in Chapter Vl of the STCW Code for the revalidating of Personal Survival Techniques-( STCW A-Vl/1-1 ) and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting -( STCW A-Vl/1-2). Students would be advised to read and make themselves aware of the requirement in the MCA M-Notice MSN 1865 (M). Learn More

Security Awareness With Designated Duties

This course is for crew members that have security duties as part of their job. This course is a 8 hour course and fulfills the STCW code for the requirement for a Vessel Security for Personnel with Security Duties (VSPSD). Learn More

VHF Radio Operators Certificate

Introduction to VHF radios and basic radio theory. This is a one day course. Learn More

ICC – International Certificate of Competency

ICC is now mandatory to hold a recognized International Certificate of Competency (ICC) if you wish to charter a boat in certain European and Scandinavian countries. IYT is uniquely authorized to issue ICCs on behalf of the Irish Government and the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Learn More

PWC Theory and Practical – Personal Watercraft Operators Course

This is a one day theory and practical course designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a personal watercraft. As well as the theory component, the instruction will emphasize the practical applications of handling a PWC on the water. Learn More