All Master (Yacht) candidates are now required to pass a Celestial Navigation Exam as part of the Master (Yacht) Certificate of Competency (CoC)

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  • Master Celestial Navigation Refresher and Exam – 5 Days – $1,455


  • 5 Days

Class size:

  • Max of 8 students

Course Description:

  • This is a 5 day refresher course to help students to pass the MCA Master Celestial exam.
  • Students are not required to do the course and can elect to write just the exam on the last day of the course.
  • Please note that the Master oral examination needs to be taken within 12 months of completing the Celestial navigation exam as the certificate has a 1 year expiry.
  • Although not an official MCA course, this training is intended to prepare candidates for the MCA’s 2 1/2 hour written exam requiring a 65% pass mark.

Unlike the other Master (Yacht) modules, course attendance is not a pre-requisite for this exam because it is intended to re-assess the competencies required for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean/IYT Master of Yachts <200t Unlimited CoC’s and a formal course is not deemed necessary.

In reality, however, some considerable time has probably gone by since most candidates were last exposure to celestial navigation and a refresher is essential in order to pass the exam.

Please remember that this particular pass certificate has a 1 year expiry.

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