Officer of the Watch Certificate (OOW) consists of seven different modules, these are required to be completed for the MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts Less Than 3000 GT) Certificate of Competency and are preparation for the MCA oral exam.

Officer of the Watch (OOW) Class Modules Include

Officer of the Watch Qualifying Experience

  1. Must be 19 years old or over
  2. An IYT Master of Yachts Limited Certificate
  3. Have (since the age of 16) a minimum of 36 months Onboard Yacht Service, in vessels of any size, including not less than 365 days Sea Service in vessels of 15 meters or more in loadline length, where the Sea Service is:
    1. A minimum of 250 days Actual Sea Service, and
    2. The balance of 115 days any combination of the following:
      • Actual Sea Service
      • Stand-by Service to a maximum of 14 consecutive days in one period regardless of any further time spent standing-by. Further periods may be counted only when the vessel returns after proceeding to sea on passage
      • Yard Service to a maximum of 90 days continuously or in separate periods
  4. Have completed the MCA approved Training Record Book

Please Note:

  • A completed Training Record book is not required if the candidate can provide evidence of 36 months Sea Service in vessels of at least 24 meters in load line length.
  • Pass the Master (Yachts less than 3 000gt) oral examination.
  • For the latest requirements for MCA Officer of the Watch, refer to M-Notice MSN 1858

Seven (7) Class Modules for a Certificate of Competency

Navigation and Radar including ARPA (OOW Yachts)

Course Length: 15 days
Approvals: MCA

This course includes sections on the Collision Regulations, chart work, compass work, Gyro Compass, Buoyage, Electronic Navigation Aids, ECDIS, AIS, Radar, ARPA and Tidal Calculations. Theory is covered in the first 10 days, concluding with a written examination. The third week’s training takes place in a simulator.

General Ship’s Knowledge (GSK) (OOW Yachts)

Course Length: 5 days
Approvals: MCA

Introduction to ship construction, stresses and corrosion, transverse stability, reserve buoyancy and damage control, global and local meteorological effects, meteorological instruments and weather information, the principles for safe seamanship, watchkeeping, preparation for sea and maintenance.

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Resuce Boats / Advanced Sea Survival (OOW Yachts)

Course Length: 3 days
Approvals: MCA

This course covers the essentials to prevention, survival and rescue techniques. It includes both theory and practical session. Subject areas include emergencies and drills, survival craft, survival equipment, first aid, survival actions, distress communication, MOB, search patterns, lifejackets and immersion suits and the use of rescue boats.

Human Elements of Leadership and Management (HELM) Operational Level

Course Length: 3 days
Approvals: MCA

This course is designed to meet the mandatory requirements for training in the human element, leadership and management at the operational level as set out in Regulations II and III of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW). It provides students with awareness and understanding of the key human factors influencing effective resource management.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS)

Course Length: 10 days
Approvals: MCA
Please note PYTUSA does not offer this course.

A higher level radio communication course is a mixture of theory and practical, covering general knowledge on SOLAS, EPIRB,NAVTEX, Immarsat and other radio regulations. The understanding of radio-telephone communications and the procedures for search and rescue emergencies.

Efficient Deckhand (EDH)

Course Length: 5 days
Approvals: MCA
Please note PYTUSA does not offer this course.

This course covers basic seamanship, ropework and wire work, rigging of stages and bosun chairs, maintenance routines, steering and duties of the lookout and the responsibilities of crew members under the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen.

Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)

Course Length: 5 days
Approvals: MCA
Please note PYTUSA does not offer this course.

Is a comprehensive course that will cover the general principles of operation of an Electronic Chart System and the regulations for the operation and will include time spent on setting up, updating and loading new charts and software.  Basic navigation functions and settings, passage planning and monitoring, determining positions using ECDIS.

MCA OOW Deck Oral Prep Course

Course Length: 12 days
Pre-requisites: MCA Notice of Eligibility (NOE)

This is not a compulsory course but is recommended for students that intend to sit their MCA OOW Deck Oral Examination. This 12-day course which includes the oral exam will prepare students for the MCA OOW Deck Oral Examination. The course has been designed to help students prepare themselves for the MCA OOW oral examination and will be taught by specialist in the yachting industry.