(PWC) Personal Watercraft Operators Course Theory and Practical for Crew, Charter Guests and Resorts. This course is suited for ICC Training / Certification Requirements

This is a one day theory and practical course designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a personal watercraft.

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  • PWC – Personal Watercraft: Crew/Guests – 1 Day – $205

This (PWC) Personal Watercraft Operators Course includes the theory component, the instruction will emphasize the practical applications of handling a PWC on the water.

Candidates should be 16 years of age or over.

Please Note: If there are local laws in place in specific area of operation of a PWC, those laws will of course supersede IYT’s minimum age requirement.


  • 5 Students (max)

Candidates will be required to:

  • Understand the concept of jet driven propulsion.
  • Demonstrate safe handing of personal watercraft and fueling.

  • Have a general knowledge of the safety equipment and spares/tools to be carried.
  • Demonstrate basic maintenance and safety checks.
  • Understand basic PWC operations, load constraints, weight distribution, stability and balance.
  • Understand PWC handling, in different types of conditions, weather, other water users, swimmers etc.
  • Understand the importance of weather, and the effect on safe operations.
  • Be aware of safety precautions such as: Lookouts near swimmers, keeping a proper lookout, speed in anchorages.
  • Demonstrate launch and recovery, stowage, Transfer to and from a vessel and dock, coming alongside, beaching and launching from beach and handling with wind and/or current effects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out visual checks and aids to monitoring engine condition, be aware of the contents of the tool kit, spare parts and service items.

Basic Nautical Terminology

Demonstrate a basic knowledge of terms and definitions:

Relative direction, fore/aft, bow/stern, ahead/abeam/astern, port/starboard, windward/leeward, etc

(PWC) Personal Watercraft Under Power

Demonstrate and Understand:

Basic personal watercraft maneuvering including; taking into account the effects of wind, tide and currents, and propeller effects when in-gear ahead and astern.

Man Overboard Procedures

Demonstrate and Understand:

Proper procedures for man overboard in the event of losing a passenger.

Basic Collision Regulations (Rules of the Road)

Understand and Demonstrate:

The basic rules for collision avoidance, between sailing vessels, power and sailing vessels and power vessels and the need to keep to the right (starboard) side in channels.

A basic knowledge of buoys, beacons and buoy systems, lights, shapes and sound signals.

(PWC) personal water craft

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