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Life Skills You Should Master While Working on Superyachts

2018-03-20T15:31:20-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|

As much as the yachting lifestyle seems all hard work and no play (kidding!), believe it or not there are some pretty valuable life lessons to be learnt while working on superyachts aside from the shammy-ing and vacuuming. When most people think about the yachting industry, or learn about it for the first time, they [...]

Why Professional Yachtmaster Training is the School for You

2017-01-05T15:16:32-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|

The truth is we know there are several yachting schools out there. We know that it can be tough when it comes to choosing a school for updating your courses, advancing in your career path or starting off in the industry. So, when you’re sitting in front of your computer looking at schools in the [...]

Popular Super Yacht Crew Hangouts – Fort Lauderdale

2016-11-28T15:49:36-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|

Being new to the industry and visiting Fort Lauderdale for the first time or during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show can be a lonely, and intimidating place if you don’t know where to go. Thankfully however, the yachting industry is a busy bunch, so you can run into them pretty much everywhere you go – [...]

Survival Guide: Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

2016-11-28T15:49:37-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|

It’s almost that time of year again. Yachts from all over the globe will set anchor in our home ports and prepare for the worlds largest boat show: Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). It’s an exciting, yet busy time for this yacht hub city, and while it may all seem like one big party, [...]

Benefits of Obtaining a Master of Yachts 200 Limited (MOY)

2016-11-28T15:49:41-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|

Formally known as Yachtmaster Offshore, this course is best suited for those aspiring to move up in the super yacht industry. The course itself is two weeks in length, however it is quite extensive. The course consists of two parts: a theory course (which you must pass and complete before continuing on to the final [...]

Boat Shows You Can’t Miss – Hailing All Yachties

2016-11-28T15:49:42-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|Tags: , , , , , , |

Much like any in-depth line of work, yachting has various boat shows or meet and greets that happen around the globe to keep everyone involved in the industry on the same page. These trade shows in-disguise are great fun, very factual and can be a good connection to the rest of the yachting world. However, [...]

Tips for Creating the Perfect Yachting CV / Resume

2016-11-28T15:49:44-04:00By |Categories: Yachting Industry|Tags: , , , |

Firstly - the terms "CV" and "Resume" may be used interchangeably and may serve near identical purposes. CV is the common term used in Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the world - including the international yachting community. It is short for the Latin phrase: Curriculum Vitae. Americans typically use the term Resume. It may be [...]

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